Event Planner Services

Our event planner services include complimentary consultation to determine your event needs, coordination of all service providers and travel arrangements, negotiating best deals on your behalf, utilizing exclusive discounts with our network of professionals, staying involved with every granular detail to ensure the success of your event.

Celebration of Life Memorial Planner
When we love someone and they pass, we want to celebrate who they were and their life fully. Eternally Loved specializes in creating Memorial events that focus on the life that was lived so you can celebrate the way you remember them. Yes there will be tears, but rather than mourning the passing by having a sad, black, impersonal funeral you want to have a beautiful tribute that really highlights the life of your loved one by tailoring to their likes and personality.

Eternally Loved assists in planning and executing the celebration event. Instead of worrying about all the plans and day-of logistics, you will experience a terrific celebration honoring the tremendous life of your loved one. Spend this time by being surrounded by your friends and family, not worrying about what time the caterer is getting there.

Let us guide you through your journey. We deeply believe in celebrating life, honoring lives lived, and creating a beautiful event. Celebration of Life events are one of the best ways to shed light and love during a difficult time.

We are here to help. Whether you choose a big energetic celebration or an intimate service, the options are endless. We will help you choose all the vendors and venues and memorable details. Each service is personalized to create the celebration you envision.

What is a Celebration of Life Memorial?

A celebration of life ceremony celebrates life of the dearly departed. Unlike funerals, the focus of the ceremony is on the life that was lived and less on mourning of one’s death.

When can the celebration be held?

A celebration of life ceremony can be held anytime. It can take place on the anniversary of one’s passing or birthday. Funerals usually take place within a few days of a death, whereas a Celebration of Life can occur at anytime, which allows time for out of town guests to arrive and time for planning. Typically I have found that it is 2-4 weeks after their passing.

What is the differences between a Celebration of Life and Funeral Service

Funeral Services and Celebrations of Life each involve a ceremony where people gather to share a common loss. However, there are a few distinctions to be made:

Funeral Services

  1. Unlike Celebrations of Life, funeral services are more rooted in traditions and typically have a more somber feeling.
  2. Funeral ceremonies typically take place within one week after the loved one has passed.
  3. Funeral Services have the body of the deceased at the service.
  4. Funerals are commonly held in a funeral home or church and relatively soon after someone’s passing.

Celebration of Life Ceremony

  1. Celebrations of Life are more concerned with telling a story and celebrating the life that was lived. There is more room to be creative with this type of memorial.
  2. There is much more time to plan the event because the body is not present.
  3. Memorials can take place any time. This allows you to make better decisions about how you would like to celebrate the life of a loved one and allow time for people who live great distances to join in the remembrance.
  4. Memorials can take place at any location of your choosing.

We will contact all service providers, including:

  • Venues
  • Caterers
  • Florists
  • Entertainment/Music
  • Churches
  • Hotels/transportation
  • Photographer/Videographer
  • Décor
  • Any other necessary arrangements

We will consult with you to provide:

  • Invitations
  • Releases
  • Execution of personalized theme
  • Memorable elements
  • Video presentation
  • General coordination
Helping you Pre Plan a Memorial
By planning your Memorial or Celebration of Life service in advance, you can design the exact type of service you would like to have in your honor. Let your family and friends know how you would like your Celebration of Life service to be. This will alleviate a lot of stress for your loved ones. It minimizes the difficulty in making complicated decisions during an emotional time.

We can work with you to personalize any and all elements of your Celebration of Life beforehand. We will work with you to focus on how you would like the memorial to look, flow, and feel. We will provide you with a full breakdown of what you would like, how it would work, a general timeline, and budget. We cover every detail, including a list of service providers to hand over to your family or friends.

Pet Memorial Planner
Our pets have given us years of joy. They are part of our family. When they pass, we grieve the same way as we do when a person close to us has passed. It only makes sense we honor them in a way that shows how much they meant to us and how much we love them. Pet memorials can benefit both adults and children. This is an opportunity for all to pay tribute to a cherished family member.

Our pet memorials focus on the love rather than the loss. Of course, your memorial is about grieving, but its more about healing and honoring the unconditional love your pet provided.

Creating a special pet memorial to remember your pet can ease the pain and bring you joy. Many people have found that having a pet memorial helps in the healing process. It allows them to remember their pets companionship and love.

Putting together a “Living Memorial”

What is a Living Memorial?

A living memorial or living tribute is a special way to express love, gratitude, and sentiments to the honoree that may have a terminal illness before they pass. If you know your time is short, why wait? Everyone is uplifted with a living memorial service because attendees are given an opportunity to say the words or remembrance and know the honoree is receiving it. That is so gratifying for both the honoree and the attendees.

A living memorial is not talking about death, but rather, life. It honors a person in a way that no milestone or birthday celebration would be able to do.

When people gather to support, celebrate and honor everyone is awe-inspired. A living memorial is a remarkable gift to the honoree and an extraordinary memory for the survivors.

Family and friends mark the sum of all the memories and milestones of the honoree and a living memorial service accomplishes a total life mission in one day. A true celebration of life that everybody gets to take part in.

What We Do

We can create an intimate occasion or huge extravaganza for you. Just let us know how you want to celebrate life with friends and family. It is our honor to personalize and handle all the details of this momentous occassion.

Other Special Event Planning and Coordination

We offer a wide selection of event planning services in order to best fit your needs. Eternally Loved also specializes in planning social events and corporate events, such as:

  • Birthday Parties

  • Retirement Parties

  • Anniversary Celebrations

  • Weddings

  • Proposal planning

  • Bachelor & Bachelorette Parties

  • Bridal showers

  • Baby Showers

Personal Event Planner

Let Eternally Loved make your vision a reality. Whether you are planning an intimate affair or an elaborate celebration, you deserve to have an event coordinator that will help you every step of the way. We provide each client with support and guidance throughout the designing, planning, and coordinating process. We also manage the day of to ensure your special event goes according to plan!

Memorial Keepsakes

Eternally Loved | Personalized Candles

Personalized Candles

Eternally Loved can create photo candles for you or your event to be handed out to all attendees. Everyone will always be able to remember the loved one and light a candle for them in their honor.

Eternally Loved | Memory Beads

Memorial Flower Beads

Eternally Loved can turn your memorial flowers into jewelry, charms or key chains after the service for you. Flower Beads make beautiful memorial keepsakes.

Eternally Loved | Memory Pillow

Memorial Pillow or Quilt

Clothes are a reminder of such wonderful memories and of the special person that donned them. Eternally Loved can create a memory pillow or quilt for you to cherish forever.

À La Carte Services

Eternally Loved understands if you don’t need help with everything. We do offer à La Carte options to help you find venue, caterers, entertainment/musicians, photographer/videographers, florists.

This is perfect for people that are trying to plan a Celebration of Life or any type of memorial but do not live in the San Diego area and the memorial will be held in San Diego County.

If you need help with producing and organizing other aspects of the Celebration of life or memorial like

Dove, butterfly, or balloon releases
Realization of personalized theme
Décor set up
Memorable elements and take home items
Memory tables
Slideshow video presentations
General coordination
Day of coordination

We can do one or many different options for you.

Eternally Loved offers a favorable and stress-free event planning process. Our satisfied clients are relieved to find that, not only do we shoulder the responsibility of seamless execution of events, but we save a significant amount of time and money with our event planning services. We operate within the budget and use our expertise to put on an event that makes your guests feel valued.