Celebration of Life

When we love someone and they pass, we want to celebrate who they were and their life fully. Eternally Loved specializes in creating Celebration of Life events that focus on the life that was lived so you can celebrate the way you remember them.

Eternally Loved assists in planning and executing the celebration event. Instead of worrying about all the plans and day-of logistics, you will experience a terrific celebration honoring the tremendous life of your loved one. Spend this time by being surrounded by your friends and family, not worrying about what time the caterer is getting there.

Let us guide you through your journey. We deeply believe in celebrating life, honoring lives lived, and creating a beautiful event. Celebration of Life events are one of the best ways to shed light and love during a difficult time.

We are here to help. Whether you choose a big energetic celebration or an intimate service, the options are endless. We will help you choose all the vendors and venues and memorable details. Each service is personalized to create the celebration you envision.

What is a Celebration of Life?

A celebration of life ceremony celebrates life of the dearly departed. Unlike funerals, the focus of the ceremony is on the life that was lived and not mourning of one’s death.

When can the celebration be held?

A celebration of life ceremony can be held anytime. It can take place on the anniversary of one’s passing or birthday. Funerals usually take place within a few days of a death, whereas a Celebration of Life can occur at anytime, which allows time for out of town guests to arrive and time for planning.

Differences Between a Celebration of Life and Funeral Service

Funeral Services and Celebrations of Life each involve a ceremony where people gather to share a common loss. However, there are a few distinctions to be made:

Funeral Services

  1. Unlike Celebrations of Life, funeral services are more rooted in traditions and have a more somber feeling.
  2. Funeral ceremonies typically take place within one week after the loved one has passed.
  3. Funeral Services have the body of the deceased at the service.
  4. Funerals are commonly held in a funeral home or church and relatively soon after someone’s passing.


Celebration of Life Ceremony

  1. Celebrations of Life are more concerned with telling a story and celebrating the life that was lived.  There is more room to be creative with a celebration of life.
  2. There is much more time to plan the event because the body is not present.
  3. Celebration of life can take place any time. This allows you to make better decisions about how you would like to celebrate the life of a loved one and allow time for people who live great distances to join in the remembrance.
  4. Celebration of life’s can take place at any location of your choosing.

Celebration of Life Articles

3 Things you Didn’t Know About Celebration of Life Ceremonies

More and more people are turning to celebration of life ceremonies to honor a passing, but there are still some misconceptions about what these ceremonies can be and why they are significant. We’re here to clear that up with 3 things you didn’t know about celebration of life ceremonies.

How to Mourn a Loss Through Celebrating Life

The tragic loss of a loved one can be challenging, painful and can create an array of emotions which are a normal part of the grief process. Allow us to help you–see how to mourn a loss with a celebration of their life.

We will contact all service providers, including:

  • Venues
  • Caterers
  • Florists
  • Entertainment/Music
  • Churches
  • Hotels/transportation
  • Photographer/Videographer
  • Décor
  • Any other necessary arrangements

We will consult with you to provide:

  • Invitations
  • Releases
  • Execution of personalized theme
  • Memorable elements
  • Video presentation
  • General coordination